Books to recommend …

I’m neither a book blogger or a professional reviewer, but I am a writer and I do love to read, so every now and then I’ll post snippets about a few of the books I’ve recently enjoyed. For today’s installment I have several to recommend (in no particular order).











ORDINARY GRACE ~ Besides being a terrific story that examines a powerful range of human experiences and emotions, it was the authentic voice of the teenaged narrator, Frank Drum, that kept me reading this novel late into the night. Though the tone is quiet, Krueger artfully layered the story with suspenseful examinations of family life, death, fury, spiritual fiber, and redemption. In some ways it reminded me of one of my favorite movies—Stand By Me.





The Care and Handling JK.indd



THE CARE AND HANDLING OF ROSES WITH THORNS ~ This is a fascinating portrait of a woman who struggles to reach beyond her devastating illness while secretly daring to dream of a better life. Themes of family dynamics, mental strength and physical fragility are woven throughout, and Dilloway did something remarkable in this book: she took a cranky, inflexible, and often unlikeable main character and made me care about her. Really care. If I say anything more I’ll reveal too much, so you’ll just have to read the book and see for yourself.



Facts About The Moon

FACTS ABOUT THE MOON (POETRY) ~ Sometimes delicate and reflective, other times smoldering with hurt and disappointment, Laux’s work exposes human frailties with a keen eye. Laux is one of my favorite poets. I particularly enjoy her sensitivity to the wonders of nature, and she’s gifted in illuminating the essence of an otherwise unremarkable moment.










Call Me Zelda










CALL ME ZELDA ~ In this richly imagined story, Robuck captured the creative brilliance and madness of Zelda Fitzgerald in a new and refreshing way. Told through the eyes of a compassionate psychiatric nurse, Call Me Zelda is an unsettling yet tender portrayal of two women inextricably bound by hope and tragedy. Robuck has a fantastic talent for effortlessly creating atmosphere and texture in her historical fiction stories. Read it and I’m quite certain you’ll agree.



Time Flies

TIME FLIES ~ Melanie is lovable, and real, and silly … someone I would like to be friends with. She tells her story with heart and humor, and she exposes her vulnerability during a time when her life has been turned upside down. Time Flies is a rollicking fun yet poignant novel that’s sure to hit home with anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, fought against a phobia, entertained a fantasy, or dared to say yes to an unknown future peeking above the horizon of midlife.