A special word of thanks to Kathy Lee Gifford …

Kathy Lee with CeeCee

On Monday, August 30th, I was busy working on my newest novel when I received a call from my publicist, Shannon Twomey of Viking/Penguin. I could sense the excitement in her voice when she asked if I had seen the TODAY Show. I hadn’t. Then, when she told me that Kathy Lee Gifford selected Saving CeeCee Honeycutt for the “Kathy Lee & Hoda’s Favorite Things” segment of the show, I was stunned.


A few minutes later my phone started ringing, my email in-box exploded, and everyone was talking about it. Shannon sent me a link to the video clip of the show, and when I watched Kathy Lee pick up my novel and heard her say that she “adored” it, well … I was speechless. So, I wanted to post a special note of thanks to Kathy Lee for reading my book, for loving it, and for her kindness. Kathy Lee, you gave me a memory that I will never forget!