An unexpected journey …


On August 5th, my sweet bobtail kitty, Bobb-O, was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was (am) devastated. He had his first chemotherapy treatment the very next day. I wept when a technician took him from my arms, and he reached out a paw to me as she carried him out of the room and down the hall. As she pushed through a swinging door and disappeared, I felt weak-kneed with helplessness.


There is no cure for this insidious disease, but with treatment he might enjoy one more comfortable year with me, possibly even a bit more, hopefully not less.


As his guardian, best friend, momma, and now his nurse, the keyword for me is “comfortable”—and though I’m sick with heartache and that hole-in-the-gut feeling that comes to us animal lovers when we know a beloved furbaby is heading toward The Rainbow Bridge—I’ll never let him suffer.


And so it is that my beautiful furry friend and I have begun an unexpected journey that we’ll go through … together.