Can you hear it?

Every day something new and exciting happens. With the approach of my novel’s release in January, I wake up each morning with a flutter in my belly.  I swear I hear that metallic chink, chink, chink of a roller-coaster making its way to the top of the first hill. My heart pounds and my mind races with that oh-my-holy-Christmas-what-am-I-doing-here kind of thrill that scares the bejeezus out of most authors. There’s nothing I can do but throw my hands in the air, squeeze my eyes shut, and get ready to scream.


And here’s the thing: as scary as it is, this is one of the finest moments in my life. In nine weeks I’ll arrive at the uppermost point of that first hillmy author tour kick-off begins on January 12th and will continue through May, perhaps longer. For all of you in the book-buying world—domestic and international publishers, book club publishers, librarians, booksellers, avid readers, book bloggers, fellow authors, aspiring authors, and friendsthank you for embracing CeeCee’s story so fully and supporting me with such roaring enthusiasm. All I can say, is WOW!