Counting the days …

kiddie pool

In just a few days my friend and fellow author, Pamela King Cable, will be traveling through Kentucky, and she’s stopping to see me! I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it. She’s coming from the Carolinas where it’s blistering hot, and there will be no reprieve because it’s blistering hot here too! I tease her that I’ll have a kiddie pool set up on the back patio just waiting for her arrival, and we laugh and envision ourselves lounging beneath an umbrella while sipping vast quantities of ice-cold sweet tea and telling stories.


And speaking of stories, Pam is an outstanding Southern writer, and her collection of short stories titled Southern Fried Women is a favorite. If you haven’t read it yet, for Pete sakes what are you waiting for? Go to your local bookstore and buy it right now, each story is a treasure.


So, come the end of the month if you don’t see me blogging much, well that’s because Pam and I will be out in the kiddie pool laughing ourselves sick … ’cause that’s what we girls do.