My New Novel …





So, you’ve asked what my new novel is about. Well, I’m not going to tell … not exactly. But I thought I’d give you a hint.




Imagine a farm tucked up against the mysterious and beautiful Red River Gorge in Kentucky …




Imagine simple, uncomplicated lives: Acres of corn ripening in the sun, laundry flapping on the line, a plain tin mailbox stained with a bit of rust. A working farm where stacks of cordwood stand five feet high and dandelions dot the shady front lawn.


There is a young boy …

Josh & his dog













And his older sister.

Flying kite













They share their dreams in a secret place.



The boy dreams of a red-tailed hawk.

Red-tailed hawk



















The girl dreams of old furniture and of one day owning her own shop …

Antiques store


They are children. They believe.


They grow up.


Some of their dreams come true …


Some don’t.


That is the way life is.


But things happen …


Remarkable things.


And nobody will ever be the same …


Hawk Feather


Or will they?