Leavin’ on a jet plane …



This is an exciting time. The paperback edition of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt launches on October 26th and I’ll be traveling throughout the Midwest and the South until March.


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Often I’m asked what it’s like to do such extensive tours, so I’ve decided to answer that question here.  First and foremost, it’s an honor. With the economic cutbacks that have hit all industries across the board, few authors have had the opportunities afforded me. To say that I’m grateful to Pamela Dorman Books/Viking-Penguin doesn’t adequately express how I feel. Every step of my journey has been, and continues to be, a privilege.



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Book tours are thrilling and delightful, and even when I arrive at my hotel room, sit down to check email and fall flat on my face from fatigue, I find that by the time I take a shower and head out for the next event, I’m charged up with a plentiful amount of energy. Why? It’s the people—the book lovers (booksellers, librarians, book bloggers and readers) who are waiting. They are the lithium of my battery and they have never failed me.




To walk into an event, step to the podium, and look out at their faces is magical. And no matter how many events I’ve done, that magical feeling always bubbles inside me and I feel like a child about to see Santa for the first time. Sure, I’m less nervous than I was when I began this amazing journey, but never am I less thrilled. There’s no experience quite like it, and I doubt there ever will be.


Tour locations can be seen in the EVENTS lineup; I’ll be adding many more as the dates and times are confirmed.





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