The video that changed my life …



Every day I try to stay awake and aware to the goodness in life. Whether it’s waking in the early morning to the distinct song of a red-winged blackbird, or watching raindrops glide down the windowpane on a cloudy evening, I feel a connection with all that surrounds me. Being awake and aware keeps my senses open which is imperative to my writing career.


But there’s a down side to this. We creative types feel on such a deep level that it’s oftentimes difficult to stay balanced. The daily news is filled with negativity, and it’s impossible to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing an image or reading a headline that leaves me feeling gutted. There have been times when I’ve wanted to shut down and shut out. So much so that I entertained the thought of moving so far out into the country that I could disconnect from just about everything but nature and my writing. Yet, in my heart I knew that idea wasn’t feasible.


Not long ago I came across a video, and when I watched it and listened to the words, I could feel something inside myself shift. I wondered how a simple 5-minute video could evoke such a sense of peace. But it did. And still does. I watch this video often, especially when world events and abuse to innocent creatures become too overwhelming. I’m sharing it here with the hope that others who haven’t seen it will enjoy its message.


Warm thanks to Brother David Steindl-Rast …





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